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designBUTTON is proud to be a finalist in the Australian Hair Industry Awards for our custom fit-out of Rapture in Hair salon in Dunsborough, WA


designBUTTON is proud to be a finalist in the Australian Hair Industry Awards for our custom fit-out of Rapture in Hair salon in Dunsborough, WA



We believe smart design needs to be approached on a holistic level. A well designed and crafted object is something that should make life easier, function at an optimum level, bring pride, joy and a sense of ease and beauty.


Sustainability is everything. We refer back to the Brundtland Report which quotes sustainable developments as:

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

This is our focus, in building design as well as with our interior design
and wood work.


Our ethos is to create clever homes that are naturally warm in winter and naturally cool in summer. This not only makes for a comfortable home all year but also makes sense environmentally.



We believe the interior, or fit out, of a home can not only play an important role in the performance but it is also what tells the story about you, the occupant.




DesignButton is a company with a reputation for consistent excellency in sustainable building design.


“Pernille from Design Button did the drawings for our extension to our heritage listed cottage in Fremantle. We could not be happier with her work and love living in this great space. We also got a customised timber inlay detail in our kitchen floor and amazing timber kick boards made for the kitchen by Swami Adima, the other part of Design Button super team. We love your work and don’t hesitate to give you the highest recommendation.”

“Pernille from designButton was absolutely amazing when it came to designing our home. It was really nice to work with someone who is truly passionate about creating an eco-friendly and functional home whilst still keeping our design ideas in mind. We didn’t have an easy block to work with and Pernille overcame a lot of obstacles to design us a home that is not only solar passive but truly unique and beautiful, we couldn’t be happier.

DesignButtons woodwork guru Adima did an amazing job of creating our beautiful one-off doors and kitchen bench which are feature pieces within our home. He was incredibly helpful throughout the design process, even came with us to handpick locally sourced, native hardwood. His knowledge and understanding of timbers and how to use it really makes him a true artist of his trade.”

“Pernille has been a God sent for me as a small builder, she produces very professional, well-presented and cost effective plans. She has a passion for solar passive and energy efficient design and has come up with some incredibly well researched projects for me.

For example I have one project that she designed for me on Collick Street in Hilton, it was a small development on a small parcel of land that, as part of the development approval required that the new home had to have a 7 star energy rating, she achieved for me a 9.2 star rating. The home has a constant temperature of 22 degrees winter and summer without air-conditioning.

As part of the brief for the Collick street house it had to have universal access to all rooms and thoughtful separation between the buildings in the subdivision, all this was achieved with great attention to detail.

Pernille’s passion and enthusiasm has helped to sell ideas to clients as she has a warm, friendly manner when talking and discussing people’s homes. I will continue using her services in the future and have no hesitation to recommend her to my clients.”

“If anyone is thinking of building in the next few years you should do yourselves (and the environment!) a favour…get in touch with Pernille Button at DesignButton…she’s designed us such a comfortable home and has been such a help with all the other sustainability features.”

Jessica Fisher, Kalamunda

“I just wanted to say thanks for your beautiful design. It looks great, is functional and performs well in the heat and was everything we wanted and more! Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

Wishing you all the best for your own build!”