Fyfe Circle

Designed for a young professional couple to raise a family, this two-storey home welcomes you into a gorgeous open plan living and kitchen on the ground floor, connected to an additional alfresco and rear garden via extensive north facing glass. The alfresco provides perfect protection to the kitchen area, specifically keeping the benchtops out of the sun. The living area is beautifully adorned with an open fireplace and bench seating to create ambience.

The feature stairwell leads you up from the entry into the bedrooms. Using a fully glazed airlock door, the living area can be closed off from the bedrooms for noise reduction and to prevent warmth from being lost on a cold winter’s night.

This home is constructed with insulated double brickwork and reverse brick veneer on two concrete slabs. Fyfe Circle, built in conjunction with Custom Green, rated at 7.7 stars in the energy assessment and was a finalist for the 2022 Master Builders WA Housing Excellence Awards.

Photo credit: Neil Wallace Photography

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