Legana Ave

This three-bed, two-bath, 8.1 stars energy-rated home is a striking feature in the quiet street that is Legana Avenue! With great attention to detail in the design phase and carefully considered material selections, openings and layout, this home performs so well that the use of the ducted air-conditioning system has been kept at an absolute minimum.

Achieving optimal passive solar performance on the Legana Avenue property was challenging but essential. With the living areas facing north towards the street, designButton created a small outdoor area to create privacy and an attractive street frontage. The covered alfresco from the living space is designed to be a heat source in winter, by closing it in with café blinds. Simultaneously, the alfresco provides excellent shade and protection in the warm summer months.

The home, built by Jonathan William Homes to an exquisite standard, is low-allergen and designed for independent living in retirement. This home features beautiful landscape design by the talented Sue Torlach from Wild About Gardens.

Sustainable Building Design
In the South West, Western Australia
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