Parke Road

Located in the idyllic hills of Perth. this two-storey four-bed, two-bath home is a seasonal delight with an industrial twist.

Showing the hallmarks of a designButton home, Parke Rd exudes great attention to detail across the design, selection of materials, openings and layout. This home boasts two living areas, one for the 4 children on the southern end of the home, and one for the whole family to gather on the north side of the home. In addition, the upper floor parent retreat offers more space to find quiet time and includes a small balcony that overlooks the gorgeous, mature garden on the south side of the block.

This low-allergen home was designed for the owners to raise their children, but also takes into account future independent living with wide hallways, a straight stairwell to the upper floor an absence of 90-degree hallway chicanes.

Sustainable Building Design
In the South West, Western Australia
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51 Mardo Drive, Witchcliffe WA 6286