“Pernille has been a God sent for me as a small builder, she produces very professional, well-presented and cost effective plans. She has a passion for solar passive and energy efficient design and has come up with some incredibly well researched projects for me.

For example I have one project that she designed for me on Collick Street in Hilton, it was a small development on a small parcel of land that, as part of the development approval required that the new home had to have a 7 star energy rating, she achieved for me a 9.2 star rating. The home has a constant temperature of 22 degrees winter and summer without air-conditioning.

As part of the brief for the Collick street house it had to have universal access to all rooms and thoughtful separation between the buildings in the subdivision, all this was achieved with great attention to detail.

Pernille’s passion and enthusiasm has helped to sell ideas to clients as she has a warm, friendly manner when talking and discussing people’s homes. I will continue using her services in the future and have no hesitation to recommend her to my clients.”