“We have been 100% ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED with Pernille’s accommodating and creative design of our new home. We cannot believe how warm it is in the middle of winter, and we hardly need to light the small wood fireplace. We often get almost too warm in winter, but just need to open a door. Everyone who visits our home think we have the heater on somewhere!

Pernille, from the get-go, was very understanding and humble to what we needed and wanted, yet also, put her creative flair in too, including our magnificent curved wall, in which we just adore. She worked with our simple rectangular design and our modest budget, yet still managed to design us an incredible efficient and sustainable home, that really has that ‘Wow Factor’.

We cannot believe that she has designed us such an incredible home, taking into account our rural block and the sloping aspect of our land. We are truely grateful and cannot recommend her services enough. If you want to build a sustainable / solar passive home with someone who is a good listener and ever so humble, then Design Button is right for you.

We LOVE our HOME, thanks to YOU!