“Pernille from Design Button did the drawings for our extension to our heritage listed cottage in Fremantle. We could not be happier with her work and love living in this great space. We also got a customised timber inlay detail in our kitchen floor and amazing timber kick boards made for the kitchen. We love your work and don’t hesitate to give you the highest recommendation.”


“Pernille from designButton was absolutely amazing when it came to designing our home. It was really nice to work with someone who is truly passionate about creating an eco-friendly and functional home whilst still keeping our design ideas in mind. We didn’t have an easy block to work with and Pernille overcame a lot of obstacles to design us a home that is not only solar passive but truly unique and beautiful, we couldn’t be happier.


“Pernille has been a God sent for me as a small builder, she produces very professional, well-presented and cost effective plans. She has a passion for solar passive and energy efficient design and has come up with some incredibly well researched projects for me.

For example I have one project that she designed for me on Collick Street in Hilton, it was a small development on a small parcel of land that, as part of the development approval required that the new home had to have a 7 star energy rating, she achieved for me a 9.2 star rating. The home has a constant temperature of 22 degrees winter and summer without air-conditioning.

As part of the brief for the Collick street house it had to have universal access to all rooms and thoughtful separation between the buildings in the subdivision, all this was achieved with great attention to detail.

Pernille’s passion and enthusiasm has helped to sell ideas to clients as she has a warm, friendly manner when talking and discussing people’s homes. I will continue using her services in the future and have no hesitation to recommend her to my clients.”


“I just wanted to say thanks for your beautiful design. It looks great, is functional and performs well in the heat and was everything we wanted and more!

Thank you so much!! 


“If anyone is thinking of building in the next few years you should do yourselves (and the environment!) a favour…get in touch with Pernille at DesignButton…she’s designed us such a comfortable home and has been such a help with all the other sustainability features.”



 “We have been 100% ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED with Pernille’s accommodating and creative design of our new home. We cannot believe how warm it is in the middle of winter, and we hardly need to light the small wood fireplace. We often get almost too warm in winter, but just need to open a door. Everyone who visits our home think we have the heater on somewhere!

Pernille, from the get-go, was very understanding and humble to what we needed and wanted, yet also, put her creative flair in too, including our magnificent curved wall, in which we just adore. She worked with our simple rectangular design and our modest budget, yet still managed to design us an incredible efficient and sustainable home, that really has that ‘Wow Factor’.

We cannot believe that she has designed us such an incredible home, taking into account our rural block and the sloping aspect of our land. We are truely grateful and cannot recommend her services enough. If you want to build a sustainable / solar passive home with someone who is a good listener and ever so humble, then Design Button is right for you.

We LOVE our HOME, thanks to YOU!




“Our 1st home basic ideas have been transformed into an ideal dream home thanks to Pernille’s friendly, professional dedication to please. Her top class, efficient service and architectural presentation is great value for money!

Highly recommended!”



“We loved working with Pernille, the journey was seamless and understood what we wanted and what we didn’t want also :). Our home down south is our favourite and hopefully and last home on our farm. We will keep in touch with her and love all the aspects she brought into the design. The solar passiveness and the Pernille breeze we like to call it.”




“Pernille created the design for our new home in the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. We started from a blank page and many iterations later, we have an awesome home design that we are looking forward to becoming a reality soon!

From day one, Pernille has communicated effectively and has been very patient with all of our design changes. The combination of a pragmatic, functional, sustainable passive solar home design combined with Pernille’s artistic flare has resulted in this great outcome. Pernille’s fun-loving personality has meant the process has been fun and enjoyable!

Great job Pernille, we couldn’t’t be happier with your work – Well done.”




“Pernille is a marvel! She designed our new home in Kingsley and produced something that really stands out. We had many meetings to thrash out the concept and details, and Pernille also worked closely with our builder.



“Pernille and designButton created the house of our dreams. With only a simple concept design provided by us, and a few other ideas we wanted to be incorporated, the first design and photo render had us fall in love with the home immediately. It was perfect, with a great choice of colours and textures. From there, Pernille fine-tuned the design, in appreciation of our needs to create a high performing home in regards to thermal performance and energy efficiency. Small but important things that we just wouldn’t have considered alone, have made a big difference. For example the strategic placement of windows and the use of breeze blocks in the entry to allow the breeze to flow through the house.

We thoroughly recommend Pernille due to her creative flair and deep knowledge on sustainable design principles.

We couldn’t be happier.”


“Exemplary service from an extremely competent designer.

 We couldn’t be happier with the design outcomes for our current house build in the Witchcliffe Eco-Village. Pernille Stent took on our initial ideas and magically turned them into an eco-efficient and highly liveable home… all done in a friendly, proficient, and super-helpful way. 

Pernille has always impressed us with her respectful, supportive approach and has exceeded our expectations at every step in our journey to building commencement.”


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